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Darren Wise Kitchens and Bathrooms, also supply only, which means you can design your own unique Kitchen at Howdens or Magnet kitchens using their state of the art design software and can include their Granite or Marble worktops. You order your new Kitchen direct and have it delivered to your home, we can then arrange to unpack it,check everything you ordered has arrived and is not damaged in transit, if it is we will order your replacement for you. We will remove your old Kitchen in Southampton and fit your lovely new Kitchen to your exact requirements and measurements.

Kitchen in Southampton

Bathrooms Southampton

Whether you want the modern minimalist look or something more traditional,Wise Kitchens and Bathrooms will provide the perfect suite for you. Our extensive knowledge and experience means we undertake all work to the very high standard., from shower units with easy clean panels to your choice of tiles in a wide range of colours our Bathrooms in Southampton are fully customisable. We’ll take care of everything including all plumbing and electrical work, call us today for a free quotation.
Bathroom in Southampton

Bathrooms Winchester

Darren Wise Kitchens and Bathrooms, will supply Bathrooms in Winchester or your home town using our trade discounts to get you the best possible prices.

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